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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Day 3: After another night, and most of this morning, I'm ready to conclude my journey with "The Earth Dragon." I appreciate everyone who stopped by, left comments and encouraged me during the process. Normally I'm shy about discussing what my art means to me, and prefer to leave it to the viewer to interpret on their own. In an effort to change that, here are my thoughts...
"For those who are worthy, “The Green Dragon touches the atrophied orb and imbues it with vital essence. Surrounding him are symbols of nature, renewal, vitality and earth.”
In Alchemy the Green Dragon represents the active vital force. It has appeared to shed light on the disruptive thought patterns, or habits that the individual has been unconsciously harboring. The dragon brings these traits into our awareness so that we may choose to act upon them in a healthy way, and offers us the promise of renewal."

If you'd like to support my efforts by making a purchase, this print is available on a wide range of products. Please also share and spread the word if you feel so compelled. In sincere gratitude,
The Earth Dragon

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hi everyone thanks for liking and supporting Rodney Illustrations. I hope everyone is having a fantastic and productive or restful weekend. I’m always creating content and will make additions to the online store frequently, so please keep an eye out for something you like. Cheers

Friday, 3 March 2017

Art Studio by Day, Martial Arts School by Night

Art Studio by Day, Kung Fu School by Night. Sleep is optional, we're
motivated and we want to motivate others with our work. You can help us
grow by supporting our online store at RedBubble link in bio. Please
follow us on our social media platforms and spead the work. Thanks and
wishing you all success and prosperity!

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mystic Lion

Leo's & Lion Kindred this one's for you.
All hail the Emperor & Lion!

Available Here

Saturday, 25 February 2017

No Peace Until Coffee
Dedicated to all the true coffee lovers and connoisseurs out there, who know all too well about the everyday struggle between the primal forces of good and evil! Hasten to fill your cups, because “There Shall Be No Peace Until Coffee!”

Ellie Secret Unique Epic Skills

Ellie Secret Unique Epic Skills

Everyone has something valuable to contribute to the world. Gifts or talents that are unique to us. Ellie encourages us to nurture our individual spark and tap into what makes us special. Once we find it, we should share it with others and fulfill our purpose.

Royal Tiger Descends Mountain

Royal Tiger Descends Mountain

Boldly display your wild side or choose to evoke the Sheer Power, Vitality or Protection of this Regal Beast!
Snake Amidst The Roses

The pristine beauty of the rose guarded by the unbridled energy of the serpent. Be daring enough to use your creative willpower to unlock the secrets of your desires.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

January 2017 at Thundering Lions

Drills Training
Denton, Texas

a shout out to all the visitors to our page, thanks! Stay up, stay
motivated and keep on doing what needs to be done, it's the only way.
was a busy month, but I feel like collectively our school got a good
amount of things accomplished and everyone is progressing well, so keep
at it. We finished up the last training day in January getting into some
drills for sparring. Here's a few excerpts from January footage.

Beginner controlled sparring men & women

Beginners Controlled Sparring Session
Thundering Lions
Denton, Texas

Legends of Kung Fu 2016 : Mens (35 & Under) Beginner Northern Empty Hand...

Augustine Cordero, Thundering Lions Kung Fu
Beginner Open Hand Forms Division
2016 Legends of Kung Fu Tournament
Grapevine, Texas

Legends of Kung Fu 2016 : Mens Executive (36 & Over) Advanced Staff Form...

Robert McDonald, Thundering Lions Kung Fu
Staff Form
2016 Legends of Kung Fu Tournament
Grapevine, Texas

Tiger Form

Sifu Wayne Rodney, Tiger Form
Thundering Lions Kung Fu
Denton, Texas